Motorcycle cover light

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Bike Barn Motorcycle Cover

Let there be Light!
The Bike Barn
Motorcycle Cover Light

Motorcycle cover light or tent light

non contact motorcycle cover light


Motorcycle cover working light

Contiguous US/Canada
$35 USD

Plus $10 USD for shipping

This item is also available in Alaska, APO Asia, APO Europe, APO Guam and Hawaii. Please go to the
Online Order Forms for pricing.


Limited Time Only
Get the Bike Barn Light for 1/2 the price with a puchase of a Bike Barn motorcycle cover:
$17.50 USD*
Plus $10.00 USD shipping
*This offer is valid in the Contiguous US
and Canada only.



Many Bike Barns owners like to work on their bikes inside the Bike Barn - Now they will see the light, with the new rugged Bike Barn fluorescent work light. The Bike Barn light comes with a hanger that allows you to position it in the most convenient position on one of the support tubes.

It's the perfect work light for those dedicated motorcycle enthusiasts who work tirelessly to keep there passion in perfect condition, or of course those who just prefer to be in the Bike Barn rather than in the house. Leave it on and add some additional security, just like in your home – if an intruder sees a light on he is less likely to enter.

The bulb should last up to 7 years and because it is fluorescent it will be much cooler than the standard incandescent light bulb.The Bike Barn light runs on 120 volts and comes with a 6 foot cord.
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