Bike Barn motorcycle cover floor

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Bike Barn Motorcycle Cover


The Bike Barn
Ventilated Floor


Contiguous USA/Canada
Standard Bike Barn Floor
$ USD*

Tourer Bike Barn Floor
$ USD*

Trike Bike Barn Floor
$ USD*
*Plus $ USD shipping

UK Region
including England, Isle of Man,
Northern Ireland,
Scotland and Wales

Standard Bike Barn Floor
65.00 EUR**

Tourer Bike Barn Floor

75.00 EUR**

Trike Bike Barn Floor
85.00 EUR**

**Shipping and VAT is included in the price.
This item is also available in Alaska, APO Asia, APO Europe and APO Guam, Channel Islands, Europe, Hawaii and Republic of Ireland. Please go to the
Online Order Forms for pricing.


Motorcycle cover floor

Motorcycle Cover Floor

The floor has been a hot topic for non-contact motorcycle covers. The Bike Barn motorcycle cover researchers looked into the floor idea 6 years ago and found that the floor did not deliver as was intended.

First off sealing the bottom of the cover eliminated convection air flow that is the trademark for these vented drive in motorcycle covers. Hot moist air was not allowed to rise since no cool make up air was coming in to replace it. The moisture did not vent and condensation resulted.

Secondly, the area under the Bike Barn motorcycle cover is bone dry – the ground did not get wet since the tent kept the water off. So a floor did not do much.

Third, plastic tended to rot from laying on the ground all the time especially with no air circulation underneath it.

We wanted to avoid all these problems and we have – with our multi-lock system. This ventilated floor will keep things up off the ground but still allow air circulation so that moisture can escape. Another good idea from your friends at the Bike Barn.




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