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Bike Barn was first to introduce this cantilever style cover in 1996. Copied – most starting about 2008.
Made in North America. Made in China.

Coated Polyester Fabric (beading type water repellent on the outside and PU on inside) for all weather performance.

PU coating only; some have no idea what fabric is actually used at source.
Strong and heavy “jean” weight fabric for durability. Super thin camping tent fabric not meant for long term exposure; easily folded into carry bag totaling 50+ pounds with 60” long poles.
Proven UV longevity over many years of experience backed by 10 year warranty. No history in business to know how long cover will last; usually rots on seams in 6 months then they are out of business.
Leak proof cover because that’s what the cover is supposed to be. Numerous “sealing” methods to counter poor sewing and fabric.
Best ventilation of any shelter since air flow is always available to vent moisture. Sealing only traps moisture/condensation. Various claims of no significance.
Galvanized steel tube frame – rust proof forever. Typically powder coated steel that quickly rusts at wear area on bolts for opening/closing; thus short term warranty.
Assembly – most time spent in assembly is putting on tent/fabric cover for all styles. Various claims about time savings which are marginal.
Three sizes:
Standard, Tourer and Trike (or 2 bikes).
Most have only copied the Standard model; others have moved on to the Tourer; none have Trike size yet.
High wind stabilizing base plate for bolting down. Camping tent style guy wires substantially increasing foot print of cover.
Durable 2-post alignment locking hardware. Most have a locking system. (Note covers are made of fabric so the easiest way to get in is to cut the fabric no matter how big the lock.)

Quality sewn minimal wrinkle cover with subtle logo placement (out of site of mind).

Various levels of sewing quality usually with a huge blazing logo on front telling everyone what’s inside.
10 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Maximum one year.
Replacement poles available (stuff happens and things break – i.e. snow storm in DC 2009). Little to no after sales support.
Replacement covers in stock. Little to no after sales support.

Proven low cost of ownership over the years with longer lasting frame and cover in the industry and warranty to back it up.

Judging by their warranty you have to buy a new cover every year or so.
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