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Standard Model - Sportbike motorcycle cover


Sportbike cover

Sport bike cover


  • Don't worry about hot exhaust pipes melting fabric covers - there's no contact of fabric to pipes.
  • Drive in and close the cantilever design.
  • Non-contact motorcycle cover means that dirt and dust are not ground into your paint from the wind rippling the fabric.
  • Motorcycle cover keeps curious hands from tweaking and turning leavers and buttons.
  • Most typical sportbike covers need to be replaced every year at a cost of $100+each. Work it out you could save 100 of dollars.
  • Winter storage inside a self-storage compartment can run over $100/month.
  • The Bike Barn motorcycle cover pays for itself in one winter. You start saving right away.
  • 2/3 opening makes for easy entry and mounting/dismounting of bike.
  • Frame can handle distributed snow load of 75 pounds.
  • Designed for natural ventilation. Vent Flaps for maximum air flow.
  • The sportbike is out of sight out of mind.
  • Commercial grade galvanized steel frame.
  • Galvanized inside and outside for long term rust protection.
  • Commercial grade woven polyester fabric with long life UV testing.
  • Water repellent on outside.
  • Polyurethane coating on inside for waterproofing.
  • Minimal fade after 2 years.

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